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Our Mandate

The mandate of the IPB is to promote and facilitate investment in Machakos County. In promoting and facilitating investment, some of the functions include:

1. Promote and Facilitate Investment Through Assistance

Assist potential, foreign and domestic investors by:

  • Issuing investment certificates;
  • Assisting in obtaining any necessary licenses and permits;
  • Assisting in obtaining incentives or exemptions under the Income Tax Act (Laws of Kenya Cap. 470), the Customs and Excise Act (Laws of Kenya Cap. 472), the Value Added Tax Act (Laws of Kenya Cap. 476) or other national or county legislation; and
  • Providing information, including information on investment opportunities or sources of capital.

2. Promote and Facilitate Investment Through Awareness

    Promote the investment and business opportunities within Machakos County using domestic and foreign marketing initiatives and activities.

3. Promote and Facilitate Investment Through Climate

    Constantly and consistently review the County's investment climate and make recommendations to the County Government on how to improve the investment climate.

4. Promote and Facilitate Investment Through Action

    Ensure an investor-friendly environment by facilitating and managing investment sites, estates or land together with any associated facilities therein.

Our Services

Below are some if the services we provide as the Machakos IPB:

  • Business cooperation and business start-up services
  • Providing information about the domestic investment within the institutional framework
  • Providing information about the domestic laws and cultural customs.
  • Providing assistance in securing permits and licenses from County and national authorities
  • Providing information about services in developing specific strategies for specific sectors and investors
  • Providing assistance in the location of Greenfield and site options according to specific requirements
  • Maintaining an investment database and excellent investor relations.
  • Providing assistance in obtaining investment incentives.
  • Promoting business linkages by connecting local companies with foreign investors
  • Facilitating business-friendly synergies through initiatives that encourage relations between domestic supplier companies and other local partners.


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