Competitive Environment

Machakos has a competitive edge over most counties. This is because of and not limited to:

Investor-friendly environment 

Given that Kenya is a market economy, Machakos County has strategic linkages with key players in the private sector to help foster lucrative business relations as well as voicing private-sector concerns. These include The Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA), Federation of Kenya Employers (FKE) and The Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM).

Over and above the multilateral and bilateral trade agreements that are a part of Kenya's trade policy, Machakos County, through the Investment Promotion Board, can provide industry-specific insights, start-up and aftercare assistance, as well as strategic linkages to local, regional and global markets for investors. Machakos is the only county in Kenya that has incentivized investors by offering free land for investments. In the Machakos City master plan, the county has put in place land incentives that investors can capitalize on so as to maximize on their investment. The County government is also implementing Farm Subsidy systems to encourage investment in agriculture. Click Here to read more about the Free Land on Offer for Investments.

Stable Government 

Despite changes in Kenya's political system since the re-emergence of multiparty democracy and promulgation of a new constitution in 2011, Machakos residents have enjoyed an increased degree of freedom and peace has prevailed throughout all four corners of the county. Given the various priorities on the development agenda, the County Government of Machakos has taken decisive measures to ensure efficiency in provision of services and major development to its residents under the Governor's "Machakos Maendeleo Chap Chap" ideology for rapid and sustainable development.

Regular Reforms

Machakos County is making efforts to lower the cost of doing business by conducting extensive business regulatory reforms intended to substantially reduce the number of licensing requirements and to make the licensing regimes more simple and transparent and focused on legitimate regulatory purposes. Machakos has received public support and applause for its efforts and efficiency in regulatory reforms.


Good Weather

Temperatures range from a minimum of between 9.1 to a maximum of 26.7 Degrees Celcius with rainfall ranging from 500 mm - 900 mm per annum.

Strategic Location

Machakos County is located just 64 Kilometers southeast of Nairobi and is just a 15 minute drive from the region's transport hub, the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. Machakos is also located along the Mombasa – Kampala highway. This strategic location, when compared to other bread-basket areas in Kenya, positions the county as easily accessible by both road and air transport to facilitate hustle-free imports and exports.