The energy sector in Kenya is largely dominated by petroleum and electricity, with wood fuel providing the basic energy needs of the rural communities, urban poor, and the informal sector. In Kenya, electricity is mainly generated from hydro, thermal and geothermal sources. Demand for power is 1,191 MW while the effective installed capacity under normal hydrology is 1,429 MW. Hydro sources contribute 52.1% of total electricity, thermal 32.5%, geothermal 13.2%, bio-gas1.8% and wind 0.4%.

      There is a huge opportunity in Investing in the Energy sector because the Demand for Energy has skyrocketed in the recent past due the various Industrial & Commercial Parks being set up by the Government aiming at Converting the Economy from an largely Agriculture dependent economy to an Industrialized Economy as set out in Kenya’s Vision 2030. The Demand is also influenced by the Ambitious Government Last mile project aiming at connecting all schools and homesteads with Electricity.Available Investment Opportunities Include but are not limited to the Following;

      • Transformer Manufacturing

      • Concrete Pole Manufacturing

      • Electric Consumables Manufacture

      • Renewable Power Development (solar and wind energy)

      • Storage facilities for Petroleum products