The Pharmaceutical Sector

Kenya is currently the largest Producer of Pharmaceutical products in the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) region, and this is as a result of the Governments’ Efforts to promote local and Foreign Investment in the Sector.

Opportunities in the Pharmaceutical Sector include but are not limited to the following;

·         Set up pharmaceutical manufacturing industries which can produce drugs and Vaccines

·         Production and Provision  of medical gases generator plants

·         Production of Medical Equipment and Maintenance

·         Provision of specialized diagnostic services

·         Multipurpose chemical plant for bulk production of intermediate inputs such as paracetamol and aspirin

·         Manufacture of medical tools such as syringes

·         Disposal of medical waste

Aviation Sector

Aviation provides significant economic benefits to the Kenyan economy and its citizens, some of which are unique and essential to the operation of modern economies. Kenya, being the second largest aviation market in Africa after South Africa and one of the top developing aviation markets on the continent, offers great opportunities for new investors in aviation.

Machakos County which borders Nairobi county and adjacent to Jomo Kenyatta international airport has several investment opportunities in aviation.

Some of investment opportunities in aviation include;

·         Setting up Aviation schools

·         Aviation consultancies.

·         Cargo freight services

·         Tourist flight services

·         Airport construction

·         Setting up factories to manufacture navigation aids equipme

Financial Sector

Financial sector is a world full of investment opportunities in Machakos County. With more banks per head than other major African markets, Kenya is a world leader in financial services and mobile money technology. Opportunities beckon across East Africa and beyond, and capital can be raised swiftly to meet evolving regulatory requirements. Banks have realised that what works in Kenya could be a platform for growth across neighbouring countries and further afield, and a race for new customers means expanding branch networks both in Kenya and in the EAC region.

According to figures published by CBK, the banking sector is growing and profitable. The sector is ahead of minimum reserve requirements. The banking sector’s overall balance sheet grew by 21.4% to KSh3.6trn ($39.6bn) in June 2015, up from KSh3trn ($33bn) a year earlier. Total income reported during the year across the sector increased by 13.7% from KSh199bn ($2.2bn) in June 2014 to KSh226.3bn ($2.5bn) in June 2015. Measured bypre-tax profits, profitability improved by 8% from KSh71bn ($781m) in the period to June 2014 up to KSh76.9bn ($845.9m) for the period to June 30, 2015.

As the busy Kenyan market continues to grow and mature, and with clear sights towards the huge potential of the region and the rest of Africa Machakos county welcomes both foreign and local investors to enter the market by investing in the county.  There are numerous monetary institutions in the county that are in dire need of investors.

Opportunities in financial sector include,

·         Banking

·         Insurance

·         Capital markets

·         Pension schemes

·         Mobile banking

·         Micro-financing