Quality of Life

Access To Water

The County Government launched a comprehensive infrastructure programme aimed at improving the lives of Machakos residents. Under its water infrastructure programme, the county government of Machakos is drilling over 800 boreholes, 820 dams & pans, water raised tanks for treated water for all 896 villages to ensure water security. This will see a significant improvement from the current access to quality water in the county estimated at 30%.

Access To Food 

Most of Kenya’s top retail chain supermarkets have branches within Machakos County. These provide access to food to the people living in urban centers. In the rural areas, agricultural production is dominated by cereals, grain legumes, root crops and several industrial crops like cotton and coffee. Horticultural crops grown within the county also have a dual subsistence as well as cash function to sustain the people living in rural areas.To encourage agriculture as an investment sector and boost the county’s food security, the county government has set subsidies on farm inputs and is facilitating women groups to set up green houses in each of the county's 40 wards. Read more about investment opportunities in Agribusiness

 Access To Electricity

The Kenya Power Company is the sole distributor of electricity in Kenya. Most residential areas, urban centers and industrial zones within the county already have electricity connections but for new connections, one is required to fill Electricity Application Forms and pay a refundable deposit. Applications for new connection can be done online. Once can also follow-up on the progress of their application online.

Access To Quality Housing 

Real estate in Kenya is currently undergoing a boom and Machakos County is a key player in the retail housing market providing affordable quality housing compared to the neighbouring Nairobi County. The county is streamlining building plan approvals to ensure that all development plans submitted are approved within 21 days.

 Access To Quality Health Care

Machakos currently has health centers within every sub-county and a Provincial General Hospital (Machakos Level 5 Hospital) with a bed capacity of 375 that is also a teaching and training hospital for the United States International University. Given the real estate boom currently being experienced in the county, there has been an increase in the urban population and a rise in the demand for quality healthcare. This has attracted investment in the healthcare sector with major players setting up facilities within the county. In November 2013, Kenya’s leading healthcare institution, The Nairobi Hospital, embarked on setting up a world-class healthcare facility and medical college worth KES.2 Billion (about 23.5 million dollars) offer county residents the best care, using advanced technology in an atmosphere of trust, safety and comfort.

Access To Employment Opportunities

In the National Census of 2009 it was found that 44.2% of Machakos residents above the age of 5 are employed. When compared to Nairobi County’s 42.4% and Mombasa County’s 31.4%, it indicates that it is easier to secure employment in Machakos County. A closer look at the statistics indicates that informal employment in Machakos County currently stands at 82%, with formal employment at 18%. The government has, from its Investor conferences, received commitment of investment worth over KES.56 Billion (about 650 million dollars) that will see the creation of more employment opportunities for Machakos county residents. The county government also holds quarterly employment forums to give the youth access to job opportunities as well as promote job creation through investment


Access To Social Amenities

 Such as Machakos Peoples Park, The County Stadium, The Golf Course and many more