The vision on security is a “society free from danger and fear”, this is because security is vital in achieving and sustaining economic growth. It provides an enabling environment for individuals and business to thrive; hence a key incentive for attracting investments both from within and outside the county. The Machakos County government has put in place high security measures to ensure the county is a crime free zone. Some of these interventions include:

  • 120 police patrol cars fitted with high-powered communication radio and CCTV cameras
  • CCTV Cameras and Street Lighting on Major roads and highways
  • 40 police sniffer dogs distributed to all the 40 wards
  • Deployment of hand-held firearm detectors
  • Police communication equipment and alco-blow kits to ensure road safety.

The county government is also embarking on a KES.600 million (about 7 million dollars) project to build decent police housing and police stations to support security personnel.